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Legacy can provide data and end-of-life expertise to the news community.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, local and national news outlets have been a lifeline of vital information. Legacy.com, the global leader in online obituaries, is available to support these efforts by providing journalists with relevant data and expertise to illuminate a range of end-of-life topics.

Obituary Data Trends
Founded in 1999, Legacy manages a network of digital obituaries that represent the largest body of 21st-century death notices in the United States. Our vast database enables us to offer a macro picture of mortality trends and can help illuminate the impact of COVID-19 on our society. For example, our data could be used in coronavirus hotspots, showing changes in how often the coronavirus is mentioned in obituary text, the number of notices that are no longer referencing funeral services, or an increase in requests for donations in lieu of flowers. Our analytics team is here to help with custom requests. Click here to request an analysis.

    Industry Expertise
    Legacy currently works with more than 3,500 funeral homes and 1,500 newspapers worldwide. Our content department regularly provides vital thought leadership around online memorialization to our partners and to consumers facing end-of-life issues. COVID-19 coverage for funeral homes is available here and for consumers is here.

    Many of Legacy’s senior team are recognized industry experts, including:

    Stopher Bartol, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Since founding Legacy in 1998, Stopher has been a leading figure in online memorialization and can offer a high-level perspective on cultural shifts in death commemoration, obituary placement, and the digitalization of the end-of-life experience.

    John Heald, Senior Vice President, Channel Development
    A fourth-generation funeral director and founding member of Tributes.com, John maintains an extensive relationship with funeral homes. His insights into funeral home operational trends are a sought-out industry resource.

    Lamaretta Kelderman, Vice President of CX and Operation
    One of Legacy’s earliest employees, Lamaretta has 15+ years of experience with the operations team. Her work gives her unique perspective on overall memorial trends and also intimate insights from the hundreds of individual grievers who write to us each day.

    Stephen Segal, Director of Content
    Stephen brings 20 years of news media & publishing experience to Legacy, including award-winning editorial roles at Philadelphia Weekly and WQED Pittsburgh. He spearheads Legacy’s major editorial initiatives and offers a news professional’s view on end-of-life topics.

    Linnea Crowther, Senior Writer
    Linnea was named 2017’s Obituary Writer of the Year by the Society of Professional Obituary Writers. Her extensive work reporting on grief, celebrity deaths, and funeral trends has made her a frequent source for news outlets, including CNN and the New York Times.

    To Request Information
    Everyone at Legacy considers it an honor to support the media during this time. We invite journalists to contact us at media@legacy.com for quick assistance.

    Stay Updated
    Our content team will be providing regular news, resources and advice for newspapers, funeral homes, and families during the epidemic. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest or visit sales.legacy.com/coronavirus-information for live updates to our coverage.