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Service & Support

One of Legacy’s core values is to provide the best possible service to our users, newspaper and funeral partners and the grieving friends and families of the deceased. Our Customer Service, Newspaper Support and Guest Book Screening teams are highly trained and make it possible for us to provide outstanding service to everyone involved.

Best-in-class service for you and your customers.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team has assisted many users over the years and recognize that most people seeking help are going through the particularly difficult time that follows a loss. They listen carefully and provide the best service possible to help make these hard times a little easier.

  • Nearly 100,000 inquiries answered last year
  • 90 days of training
  • 5.8 average tenure for our Customer Support team
  • 87.2 years of collective customer support experience

Newspaper Support

We have a dedicated Newspaper Support team that is always available to help, no matter what day it is. Whether it be a simple request, like fixing a punctuation mark in an obituary, or a more difficult technical fix; the Newspaper Support team provides our newspaper partners with speedy and thorough service to any situations that might arise.

support for our newspaper partners

Guest Book Screeners

Every Guest Book entry is screened for appropriate content, including comments, photos and videos. Our specially trained team works around the clock to ensure that no entries are posted that would cause your grieving readers pain.

In 2015, we screened our 100 millionth Guest Book entry.