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We’re delighted to announce that Legacy.com is now officially certified for inclusion in the Google News Publisher Center. This means that our obituaries, award-winning articles, and featured deaths coverage are now indexed in Google’s trusted News directory. Now, your obituaries will enjoy instant visibility, top-of-page placement, and inclusion with a thumbnail image in Google’s click-inducing news carousel.

Google takes the reliability of the news they feature seriously, with stringent guidelines for certification as a Google News Provider. “It was a three-month process,” says Legacy.com’s Antonio Esposito, who lead the certification efforts. “We really had to prove our work was legitimate and relevant.”

Legacy’s award-winning national editorial content was a key factor in earning this badge of approval from Google’s news team.

“Every day our content team is honored to produce timely and impactful end-of-life resources,” says senior managing editor Stephen Segal. “Certification from Google will help us reach even more people facing a profound moment in their lives.”

Since we received our official certification earlier this year, we’ve seen the following impacts:

1.) 317% Crawl Rate Increase
Crawl rate reflects how often Google surveys your site, looking for new information. Higher crawl rates put your obituaries in Google search results much faster.

2.) 43% Increase in Click-Through Rate
Click-Through Rate, or CTR, is the percentage of people who click on a search result link. With faster, more relevant results, more of your customers are taking the next step and visiting the full obituary.

3.) Impressions Went Up 72% and Sessions, 12%
These increases tell us more traffic is going to your site. Impressions reflect the number of times an obituary or article is displayed in a browser, while sessions captures a single visit from a reader to your cobranded obituaries and includes everything they do there during (typically) a 30-minute window. 

4.) You Have 26% More New Users
In Google Analytics, new users are counted each time a device or browser loads your content for the first time. This means more unique individuals are viewing your obituaries.

We are excited to bring the benefits of Legacy’s domain dominance to your cobranded obituaries page, and we have more efforts underway. Click here to discover how we’re leveraging Google’s design resource to test a new, 9x faster mobile obituary design that loads in less than a second.