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Learn what the CCPA means for your obituaries page and how we’re helping protect your obituary readers’ privacy.  

What is the California Consumer Privacy Act? 
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a law that goes into effect on January 1, 2020 that gives California residents access to specific online privacy options. You can find a general overview of the CCPA here, and a more detailed analysis of the technical specifications here. 

My paper isn’t in California. Why does my obituaries page need to comply with this law?  
While your print distribution may not include a lot of newsstands in the Golden State, chances are your site is regularly visited online by California residents. Also, Legacy.com obituary content – which typically links back to a cobranded obituary page – is frequently shared on social media and email channels that reach California audiences. For these reasons, all Legacy.com cobranded obituary sites will comply with the provisions of the CCPA. 

What does this mean for my cobranded obituaries page? 
In order to comply with the law, Legacy must provide our visitors with a way to make several online privacy selections and a path to request legally mandated online records. We’re doing this through a consent management platform (CMP), which is already accessible via a right-rail link in the footer of your co-branded obituaries page.

Will the CMP on the Legacy.com domain sync with the other pages on my site? 
User consent preferences are captured and stored for individual domains. A user’s consent preferences for Legacy.com pages will only apply to Legacy.com. 

What if I have my own CMP that supports the IAB’s CCPA consent framework? Can I add this to my co-branded obituaries page? 
Legacy.com’s CMP already supports the IAB’s CCPA consent framework for the Legacy.com domain. If your obituaries page uses your own domain, please reach out to your Legacy.com account manager. 

Do I need to update my privacy policy?  
If you include a link to your newspaper’s privacy policy in the footer of your obituaries page, make sure it is updated to reflect the requirements of the CCPA. You should also consult with your own counsel on updating your privacy policy. The overall privacy policy for Legacy.com will be updated as of January 1, 2020. You can learn more about the technical logistics of CCPA implementation here. 

I have more questions. Can you help? 
Of course! Contact us at newspapersupport@legacy.com and we’d be happy to assist you.