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We know you want to offer your readers the best online experience. We do, too. With 55% of all users viewing obituaries on a mobile device, we recently set out to test a mobile obituary page based on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) design.

As Google describes the project, AMP is “an open-source HTML framework that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading and prioritize the user-experience above all else.” In other words, every benefit we want to offer your readers when they visit your mobile Obituaries pages.

We’re delighted to report that results have met – and even exceeded – nearly every expectation.

9X Faster Page Load Times
The AMP test obituary pages load in less than a second – an astonishing 99% improvement. “That’s so fast,” says Legacy’s AMP project director, Antonio Esposito, “we’ve had to make some tracking updates on our end to properly index the performance results.”

Pages that load so quickly it’s hard to even measure: that performance boost is driving significant and immediate bottom-line impacts.

More Revenue, More Engagement
We predicted that faster page loading would encourage your customers to spend more time on your Obituaries page and complete revenue-enhancing transactions. Here’s what we found:

  • A 5% increase in page views per session.

  • Ecommerce conversion rates increased by 80% – that’s 110% higher than projections

Because of the outstanding performance of the AMP-based mobile design, we’re beginning the next phase of our mobile experience testing. All newspaper affiliates will receive the AMP design on a rolling basis beginning in mid-late June.

During the extended test phase, only obituaries accessed directly from Google Search or Facebook will receive the new AMP treatment. The display of notices accessed directly from your site on a mobile browser will not be impacted. However, we anticipate full mobile roll-out in the coming months. We will also be exploring different advertising placements and configurations to ensure the best returns. As always, we will be monitoring page performance and feedback closely.

This phase is just the next step in our efforts to streamline and modernize Legacy’s entire platform, meeting your customers’ needs however they access your site. Stay tuned for more about new design upgrades and enhancements.