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Discover how our streamlined, reader-focused features generate more notices, better engagement, and new revenue.

Legacy.com is delighted to announce we’re launching our next major wave of obituary page redesigns. Packed with features to help focus your reader’s attention, these latest updates keep our newspaper partners at the forefront of digital content trends… and build the kind of relationships that deliver long-term revenue impacts.

More Obits: New place an obituary prompts

You want your readers to place more obituaries. We do, too. That’s why we’ve removed all visual distractions from your prime top-of-page real estate – now, it’s just your brand next to a bold “Place an Obituary” button. Dedicated scrollers will also see a second prominent CTA in the footer. Both of these prompts are now available on both mobile and desktop site versions.

The results are exciting: Since the updates were launched in June, 33% more users clicked the header “Place an Obituary” link and nearly 10,000 readers clicked the new footer CTA.

More Readers: SEO updates to increase your traffic

Some of our most impactful changes are quiet but powerful optimizations that drive more reader traffic directly to your site. More sophisticated on-page captions, new image alt-text labels, and content metadata that better reflect current reader search trends. All these enhancements increase the discoverability of your obituary content

More Engagement: Quicker sort, search, and condolence submission

The digital generation are now your obituary regulars, and they’ve brought their fast-access demands with them. We’ve optimized our obituary pages to meet these challenges with revenue-increasing results.

Easier condolence access

We know people who submit online condolences are easily your most engaged readers. They’re also, it turns out, some of your most reliable ecommerce transactors.

To get your readers to the Guest Book faster, we moved the condolence submission prompt directly below the obituary. Guest Book entries shot up 38% as a result.

And those revenue-generating gift shop purchases? They increased an eye-popping 32%.

List View is Back!

Back by popular demand, our list view lets readers easily choose between browsing the day’s notices with preview text or images, or quickly scanning a list of names to find a notice of interest.

Filter Menu

We’ve also added a new drop-down filter menu that lets readers easily refine their search with one click.

More to Come

We have several more 2022 projects in the works to bolster your obituary pages and revenue opportunities. Here’s just a few of the things on deck for Q3 and Q4:


We’re expanding your revenue base – and protecting your bottom line from fickle advertising trends – with ongoing testing of multiple new intake options like ad-free obituaries and memorial videos.


We’re finding more ways for you to engage readers quickly with content alerts on obituary preview cards and new, configurable sorting options based on areas of interest, like funeral homes, locality, and more.


We’re beginning the last major phase of our product redesign – and helping you find more readers! – with a sitewide re-architecture of our search functionality.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see the results of this investment in your obituary category success.

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