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We want to offer you the best online obituary experience so we’ll be releasing updates to your obituary home page. We’ll be updating the page design to promote user engagement, improve overall category performance and increase your revenue.

The most noticeable update will be the larger and longer format of the recent obituaries list, running through the center of the page. Existing content on the page also will receive an update with larger photos and font, resulting in improved navigation and readability!

We began updating these pages on a group of test sites and have paid close attention to the results. So far, the updated home page has more page views and increased user engagement: Users are staying on the page longer and are viewing more pages per session.

Moving forward, we’ll be using tools that allow us to test changes to the page to ensure superior results. This will let us refine the page continuously over the coming weeks and months. (Read more about those tools here.)

See the new pages here.