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At Legacy, we spend a lot of time getting to know who is visiting our site and how we can best serve them.

Our research shows us that we have two core audience types on our site: “browsers” and “mourners.” Browsers are users who check recent obituaries on a regular basis; mourners are users who visit the site in need of information regarding a specific death. Browsers make up about 46% of our visitors, while mourners represent roughly 54%.

Legacy’s Free Email Marketing Program

We’ve heard from “browsers” that they would like to get all obituaries from a specific newspaper by email. So last fall, we created an opt-in on the browse page that enables subscribers to receive an email with the day’s most recent obituaries.

To participate in this free program, your newspaper needs to opt in, but it is available to everyone. Once you’ve opted in, Legacy will have it turned on within two business days and the list is jointly owned, a benefit for you.

Four Ways to Drive Email Sign-Ups

To further engage your obituary readers on your site, we’re always working on new ways to drive email sign-ups and optimize the user experience. See the different ways you can promote your daily obit newsletter to your readers below.

Secure Opt-in Page
Every newspaper that signs up for the program gets their own unique secure opt-in page. Readers can sign up for your daily obit email directly from this page.

Browse Page CTA

We’ll place a CTA on your browse page, where your readers are already browsing for daily obits.
Embeddable Widget
Our new embeddable widget allows you to place a subscription sign-up module anywhere on your site. Now, your readers can subscribe to your daily obit email newsletter directly from the widget, without having to leave the page they are on. The widget is secure and built to auto-span to fit the dimensions of any space it’s placed in. 

Digital Ads
We’ve put together a suite of ads in common digital sizes for your use to promote your daily obits email newsletter. Click here to view and download the ads.

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