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Obituaries powered by Legacy made a big difference for local nonprofits in 2021.

CHICAGO, Ill. (Jan. 6, 2022) – In 2021, Legacy.com facilitated more than $1 million in memorial donations to nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Legacy, the global leader in online obituaries, recently introduced new charitable giving options on local obituaries published all across the United States and Canada. Thanks to a partnership with the Pledge fundraising platform, well-wishers visiting an obituary powered by Legacy are now able to donate immediately in a loved one’s memory to any charity of their choice.

Millions of local, hometown nonprofits, as well as nationwide charity organizations, are instantly available through Legacy’s memorial giving function. That means the people who see these obituaries — friends, neighbors, and local newspaper readers — get to connect right there with the community institutions that mean the most to them.

“So many people want to honor their loved ones by making the world a little bit better,” says Legacy’s founder and CEO, Stopher Bartol. “It’s such a meaningful kind of legacy, and we are humbled and delighted to be able to help people support the good causes their families and friends care about.”

Legacy’s long commitment to partnering with charitable organizations has driven millions of dollars in memorial giving over the past 15 years. The Pledge partnership takes those efforts to the next level: Individual donations made through Legacy obituaries in 2021 have ranged all the way from simple, affordable $10 gifts to a stunning $20,000 bequeath, made anonymously in October to a cancer support charity based in Maryland.

The designated donation amount, minus bank fees, goes to the charity itself. Legacy and Pledge only receive any optional tips that individual users may choose to add to their gift in thanks for providing the service.

The diversity of available charities is a key piece of the integration’s benefits for nonprofits and donors. Through Pledge and Legacy’s partnership, people have made donations on behalf of their loved ones to more than 4,000 unique nonprofits.

“Pledge was created to provide an easy, accessible way to give back to any nonprofit, whether it’s the local shelter, or a large national organization,” says James Citron, CEO of Pledge, “and we’re thrilled that our partnership can empower anyone to make a donation in honor of a loved one and have a meaningful impact.” 

About Legacy.com
Legacy.com is the global leader in digital obituaries, serving 40 million users each month. We partner with thousands of local news providers and funeral homes in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K., delivering innovative memorialization solutions that help families everywhere honor and remember their loved ones. Legacy’s partners benefit from unparalleled scale and expertise, innovative e-commerce services, and award-winning customer support. Legacy is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Visit sales.legacy.com for more information.

About Pledge
Pledge is an award-winning fundraising platform that makes it easy for businesses, nonprofits and individuals to make a positive impact in their communities and around the globe. With Pledge, every Zoom call, Clubhouse chat, Shopify store, and virtual event can become a fundraising opportunity and demonstrate real-time impact. Pledge powers donations through leading online platforms, such as Zoom, Evite, Shopify, and Legacy.com, as well as other global brands like Discovery, Cost Plus World Market, Snap and Bird. It processes donations to over two million verified nonprofits and charitable organizations of all sizes, from local to global reach and is a proud member of the UN Global Compact, Pledge 1%, Conscious Capitalism, and PledgeLA. Interested in making a difference? Visit https://www.pledge.to and make your #PledgeToDoGood.

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