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In our continuing efforts to focus on user-driven site innovations, we’re extremely excited to introduce some new features. These features are focused on better organizing our data to specifically address the needs of millennials who begin their search for obituary information differently than earlier generations.

We’re introducing a mobile-friendly page about a deceased individual that includes all available information from our network. This is a better organization of data and creates an enhanced user experience that will connect visitors from search to the obituary information they seek. We’re also working towards launching persistent navigation across our pages. Combined with the mobile-friendly pages, the navigation is structured to make finding obituaries by name and location easier for all visitors.

Why Are We Making These Updates?

Consumer habits around online obituaries have changed.

Five years ago, users accessed the Internet from a desktop and started at a newspaper to find obituary information. Today, users are just as likely to find the same information by using Google on their mobile device. The new features will better serve the search behavior of the millennial mourner, as well as increasing mobile audience across all age groups.

Legacy and its partners dominate search results.

Legacy partners already dominate search results, but search continues to grow as a traffic source in this category, especially with millennials, so we’re building new ways to bring more traffic to our partners through additional search terms like location, name and more.

We’re always testing to grow our audience.

Legacy and its partners already dominate how search has traditionally been done, and now we see new behaviors in search, especially with a younger audience like millennials. These updates address those changes in behavior by creating additional location and name categories that will allow our partners to continue dominating search results.

We’re focused on better organizing data.

As we expand our network, we’re tying data together so that we can bring more visitors from search to the obituary information they are seeking. We believe these powerful new features will drive increased traffic to our full partner network, and also delight users.