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Our interest-focused pages take your obits where your readers are.

Who died today? That’s the question so many of your readers ask when they wake up each morning. Now, with the first wave launch of our community memorial pages, your readers can discover: “Who died from my high school?”

Along the way, they’ll also find a growing network of other memorial pages…and discover another reason why their local newspaper matters now more than ever.

Oh, I remember her now. Homeroom, junior year.

Like all innovative ideas, Legacy’s community memorial pages are powerfully simple. We’re gathering together obituaries for people associated with a specific local high school (and soon other groups of interest, like veterans and universities).

While there, your readers will be able to:

  • Find obituaries for their classmates, coaches, teachers, and students; no matter when they were published.
  • Add existing alumni and staff obituaries for others to discover.
  • Connect with a network of related content of interest, like community pages for other nearby high schools.

In other words: this is free, new traffic and branding for you with an engaged audience primed for discovery. And it’s all embedded in an infrastructure designed for your success.

Taking your obits where your readers are.

It’s no secret that audience attention is fractured in this digital age. Our current analyses estimate that less than 50% of local deaths on average are published as obituaries in a newspaper. By leveraging innate group interest, Legacy’s community memorial pages are creating the spaces for your readers to meet, and helping you re-gather your audience at the same time.

“Not everyone reads newspapers, but we all have group affiliations that matter to us – our high school, or college, or workplace, or branch of military service, or hometown,” says Legacy.com founder and CEO, Stopher Bartol. “Legacy community memorial pages help your obituaries find readers, making sure your notices achieve their full potential by reaching all who care.”

Opening the 7-day window.

We’ve long known how much your readers want to read obituaries, but their traffic and revenue-generating value tapers off about 7-days post-publication (2-3 days after the funeral service concludes).

By featuring current and older obituaries, our community memorial pages remove that barrier, engaging your readers with notices years later. And while they’re there, they’re encountering:

  • Your logo and branding
  • Prominent links to visit your obituary homepage
  • Notification options for page updates (coming soon)

“We developed our community memorial pages in a partner-centric ecosystem,” says Ernie Roth, General Manager of Newspapers at Legacy. “Our product team really challenged themselves to create a broad network that adds additional traffic and value for newspapers at every step.”

An on-ramp to the future of memorialization.

Our ultimate goal with our community memorials is as powerful and innovative as the pages themselves. We want to so deeply engage your readers with a growing map of relevant local obituaries that they lose track of all the extra time they’re spending on your site.

“Every time someone finds a newspaper obituary they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, it’s a reminder: My newspaper is where I go to share the news that I’ve lost someone,” says Stopher Bartol. “We’re building a network to strengthen your relevancy and connection to your readers.”

And with thousands more community memorials in the works, we’re looking forward to offering our partners a cascade of impacts that increases with each new page we add.

Want to get the most out of this new resource? We can help! 

Our team is full of ideas! Reach out today  to request a specific community memorial page or design a custom promotional package.