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How We Monetize Your Obituary Site

Engaging and understanding your audience.

We understand who visits online obituaries and why. By knowing our audience and their interests, we can monetize through integrated Ecommerce and Display Advertising that aligns with consumer behavior and engages our different types of users.


In April 2014, we built an ecommerce portal dedicated to selling sympathy flowers. This feature provides users with an easy and seamless way to share their condolences with the family of the deceased by sending them flowers. The flowers platform also leads to great results for our newspaper partners:

  • Flower sales are the second largest source of affiliate revenue share
  • January 2017 was our best flowers-sales month on record
  • Orders grew 23% in 2016, compared to 2015


  • Legacy.com’s national scale delivers competitive yield through programmatic advertising.
  • Your newspaper retains 100% ownership of some advertising placements, in addition to revenue share.
  • Growing audience with engaging experiences that are fully optimized for SEO and Social referrals.
  • Legacy.com is continuing to engage visitors by creating daily editorial content about the legacies of celebrities, ordinary people and more.

Print Editorial Content

Legacy.com is dedicated to helping your print edition thrive. Our new print content partnerships are designed to drive additional print advertising revenue for your obituary section.

A/B Testing

We use A/B testing to make informed decisions on which features and formats create the best user experience and lead to the most revenue for our newspaper partners.


Some browsers enjoy reading through articles and photo galleries, instead of browsing obituaries. To capture this group of people, we have a full-time team creating original content. Take a look at some of our most popular content stories among younger audiences: