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Integration Tools

Connect your audience to obituary content to amplify traffic and engagement.

About the Integration Tools

Legacy.com has developed a set of tools to integrate obituary content on other parts of your website. These widgets and APIs provide a great opportunity to show unique, hyperlocal obituary content, including Recent Obituaries, Search Obituaries, Search Results and Single Obituaries.



Amplify Traffic + Generate Revenue

  • Easier to find obituaries
  • Drive traffic to obits

Engage Users

  • Hyperlocal content
  • Better integrate obituary content

Seamless Integration

  • Widgets adopt styles from your website
  • Non-intrusive design


  • Legacy-managed content
  • Updates are automatically rolled out
  • Planned enhancements
In this example, recent obituaries are integrated into this site’s homepage on the right side of the page.
Real Results

Read how The Tampa Tribune implemented the Recent Obituaries and Search Results widgets and immediately saw higher traffic and more engaged users here.

Using Google Site Search?

Integrate your obits into your site search results by adding your Legacy.com co-branded URL (www.legacy.com/obituaries/sitename*) to your list of URL’s in your Google Search Engine’s Control Panel.

This will allow users to search for obituaries throughout your site. To read Google’s explanation, click here.

Ready to Get Started?

Learn more about the widgets and what they offer, see examples and get the instructions on how to implement them onto your site.