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Put your newspaper obituaries where your readers are and enjoy up to 15% more traffic with our FREE Facebook obit program.

Up to 68% of U.S. adults use Facebook, most of them daily.*

Source: Pew Research Report, “Social Media Use in 2018”

Obituaries are the 3rd-largest category in Facebook’s Local News feed.*

Source: Neiman Labs, “Local News on Facebook,” 2019.

No Cost: This program is free for all Legacy.com newspaper partners!

Facebook-Friendly obits:  Make your notices searchable on the top social-destination for your readers.*

Turn-Key Setup: After a few initial steps, your notices will automatically post on Facebook.

Increased Traffic: Enjoy an average 10-15% increase in incremental traffic sessions.

Content Boost:  Leverage your reader’s deep interest in obits to promote your platform.

Measurable Success: Take advantage of full access to Facebook’s provided analytics.

Our readers love having easy access to our obituaries in their favorite social media destination, and we love the free traffic increase to our website.

Diane Hansen

Classified Advertising Manager, Southern California News Group

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