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Facebook Obituary Page User Guide

Welcome to your new Facebook obituary page. We’re proud to offer you this valuable service that puts your obituaries on your reader’s #1 preferred online social destination.

You’ve already discovered how seamless the program is, but did you know there’s more you can do to build your brand and encourage more user engagement?

Read on to discover some easy ways get the most value out of this exciting tool.

Most Legacy Facebook API Affiliates enjoy a
10-15% bump in incremental traffic

Clean Data, Happy Readers

You’ve seen how the program works by now. Every hour our API crawls through your co-branded Legacy.com obituary page and posts that days’ notices to your new Facebook obituary page. Seamless. Automatic. Pretty great, right?

But remember: What you post is what we get. If you want your readers to have the best experience, clean data is key. Here are some tips to keep the program as touch-free as possible:

1. Check Your Spelling

Make sure you spell the name of the deceased right: this ensures readers can find the notices they want.

2. Include funeral home

Always add the name and location of the funeral home to help readers find service and memorial information.

3. Add an image

Featuring an image of the deceased can deliver up to twice the engagement.

Did You Know?

Obits post automatically, but the program requires a designated administrator from your newspaper. To set up your administrator, please send their 1.) Facebook profile URL and 2.) the email address associated with that account to sales@legacy.com. 


In order to protect your brand and the reader experience, we have disabled direct messaging on your Facebook obituary page. Users will still be able to comment on all page posts and write directly on your page’s wall.

Protect this important engagement opportunity and encourage these users to share your content with timely, professional administration:

1. Check for comments

The “Notifications” tab will tell you which readers have liked or commented.

2. Moderate and engage

Review posts regularly for requests and comments and address concerns promptly. 

3. Post edit requests

Handle quickly, but make sure major changes are approved by the notice purchaser.

Did You Know?

Posts on your Facebook obituary page do not automatically refresh when you update a notice on your website. If you want to edit or update a Facebook post, you’ll need to do so manually.

Promotion and Engagement

The success of your Facebook obituary page depends on “Followers”. Facebook suggests a goal of at least 10 of these followers within the first week of publication to ensure momentum and success. 

Want to get there as fast as possible? Try some of these promotional tips:

1. Cross promote

Use the traffic on your main Facebook page to build awareness of your new Facebook obituary page. 

2. Facebook ads

Facebook’s own ads are a targeted, cost-effective way to reach social media users in your own community.

3. Fill unused ad spaces

Tired of your old house ads? Refresh that creative with promotion for your new Facebook obituary page.

4. Email campaign

Tell your subscribers all about the new Facebook obituary page in your next outbound communication.

5. Engage funeral homes

Your local funeral homes likely have their own Facebook presence. Talk to them about your new Facebook obituary page and ask them to follow and share it, and to encourage their families to spend time there.

Have questions? Need assistance? Not on the program yet and want to get started?

As your partner, the Legacy team is here to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. Contact us at sales@legacy.com anytime.