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In January 2016, the Ledger-Enquirer upgraded to our premier online obituary product, Next Generation Obituary (NGO). With NGO’s innovative design, easy-to-read services column, seamless mobile integration and prominent links to send sympathy flowers or make donations, it’s no wonder that 3 out of 4 users prefer it. The Ledger-Enquirer’s switch to NGO has led to improved site performance for their obituary category, compared to the previous year on Legacy’s classic platform:

NGO Drives More Sessions & Users for Ledger-Enquirer

The Ledger-Enquirer transitioned to NGO in 2016 from Legacy’s classic platform because of NGO’s sleek design and seamless mobile integration. Since their NGO launch, their site performance on both desktop and mobile has improved. In Q1 2016, the Ledger-Enquirer saw a 91% increase in obituary page sessions across all devices compared to Q1 2015, while Legacy’s average saw an 18% increase during the same time period. NGO has more features which are built into a dedicated mobile platform, making it easy for visitors to interact with the obituary across all devices. The Ledger-Enquirer saw huge gains in their mobile obituary page metrics. Comparing Q1 2016 (NGO) to Q1 2015 (Classic), there was a 140% increase from their mobile sessions per obit, which was a 250% increase over Legacy’s average during the same time period. In addition, the Ledger-Enquirer’s new mobile users also grew significantly after launching NGO; new mobile users increased by 107% from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016, while Legacy’s site-wide new mobile users increased by just 21% during the same time period.
“NGO’s added features allowed us to raise our rates by 27% which drove significant revenue increases in 2016. Our funeral home partners appreciate the additional branding and called-out service information on their obituaries. We made the switch to NGO because it was user preferred and had service information and sympathy flowers links prominently displayed, and we’ve been really thrilled with how it has affected our site and revenue performance.”
Robert Slay

Digital and Strategic Director, Ledger-Enquirer and LEAD Digital


NGO provides the optimal online obituary experience, leading to improved site performance, more users and more revenue. Contact us at marketing@legacy.com, and we’ll send you a custom report on your current site performance and identify areas of opportunity to grow your obituary category.