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Study Summary

Chicago Jewish Funerals has served the Chicagoland area for over 20 years. As the premiere funeral home honoring Jewish traditions in the northern suburbs, Chicago Jewish Funerals has two locations that serve hundreds of families each year.

David Jacobson, founder and owner of Chicago Jewish Funerals, was interested in new opportunities to show the community how his funeral home could serve them. While his funeral home was well-established in the local area, David wanted to grow his business and get his brand out in front of families in Chicago that may not be familiar with his home.

Harnessing the Power of the Paper

Chicago Jewish Funerals became aware of a new program called Funeral Homes Local Spotlight that was being offered by the Chicago Tribune. Funeral home Local Spotlight is a featured online obituary that gives funeral homes premium placement on the newspaper’s obituary home page. This prominent position allowed Chicago Jewish Funerals to promote their brand and services to larger group of people than they have historically served.

People from all over the Chicago area visit the Chicago Tribune to look for obituaries. Being able to have our logo on the website’s home page gives us a wider reach than we would have been able to accomplish on our own.
David Jacobson

Owner, Chicago Jewish Funerals

Not only does the funeral home receive prominent brand exposure on the home page, it also receives the most prominent brand positioning on the obituary page and has the ability to link to their pre-planning page.

The benefits of the Funeral Home Local Spotlight program extend to the newspaper obituary as well. Families benefit from prominently featuring their loved one’s obituary on the newspaper website and paying tribute to the deceased with a premium obituary. The cost of Funeral Home Local Spotlight is built into the print obituary fee from the newspaper, showing families that they are receiving a unique service with the premium obituary. Because of this, funeral homes pay no additional fees.

When we are humbled to serve a family, I know we are giving them the very best by making sure they get a Funeral Home Local Spotlight.
David Jacobson

Owner, Chicago Jewish Funerals

Driving Brand Exposure for Funeral Homes

In every newspaper market that has launched Funeral Home Local Spotlight, funeral homes have received more branding, more exposure and more views to their obituaries. In December 2016 and January 2017, Chicago Jewish Funerals saw 322% more impressions from their obituaries than funeral homes not participating in the program. This means that for every one person who saw the logo of funeral home on the Chicago Tribune’s website, over four people saw Chicago Jewish Funerals’ brand.

The newspaper’s obituary section brings together more people looking for funeral homes and obituaries than any other site. Harness the power of your local newspaper with Funeral Home Local Spotlight to promote your business and give your families a featured online obituary. Learn more about the program features and benefits here.

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