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At Legacy.com, we are always focused on improving the user experience and increasing user engagement while driving additional traffic to our partners. So, how do we ensure that we are improving the user experience? One word: Testing.

Testing plays a critical role in all of our new-product initiatives and updates. Last month, we told you about the A/B testing we performed to optimize the Guest Book experience for your readers. In addition to A/B testing, we also rely on user testing to ensure that your obituary site is offering the best user experience.

How Does It Work?
User testing provides us with the opportunity to watch and listen as a remote user navigates our obituary sites. The user is asked to talk about their reaction to a given site as he or she interacts with it. This type of individualized user testing also allows us to understand better how people of different ages and genders react to the same experience.

Real-Time Feedback
User testing has given us great insights into what people think of Next Generation Obituary (NGO). Compared to our classic obituary platform and other non-Legacy.com online obituaries, NGO was a clear favorite among the users we observed. The feedback below illustrates the features of NGO that users found most valuable:

Services Column:
The cleanly designed services column is integrated into the NGO display and highlights the dates and times of services in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly format. Whether on desktop or a mobile device, users can easily add service reminders to their personal calendars, send flowers, and get directions to the funeral home without navigating away from the obituary.

“It gives me all the information right there, so I don’t even have to click on anything else.”  Rosemary

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Listen to Obituary:
The “Listen to Obituary” feature came up a lot in our remote user testing. A lot of the users we observed mentioned that the listen to obituary feature was an interesting feature that could benefit readers with vision impairments.

“I think that’s pretty cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, to be able to hear instead of reading it, you can listen to the information. So having somebody read it for you and just tell you, it’s great especially for people who can’t see very well.” Cynthia Solo

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Guest Book Format:
Guest Book functionality in online obits is important to users, and NGO’s Guest Book format makes it easy to leave a condolence, as well as read condolences left by others.

“I find it very interesting, as far as when it comes to people giving their condolences. It’s very easy.” Lindsey Kovac

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Users place great value in the ability to add a Guest Book photo as they share memories about the deceased, enriching the Guest Book experience for all who visit.

“I like the format of this, I like the way that people have been able to add photographs.” Rosemary

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As we continue to focus our efforts on user-driven site innovations, testing will always play a critical role, ensuring that we’re offering you, your users, and funeral home partners the best online obituary experience.

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