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Last month, we posted a recap of our Persona Spotlight series thus far. The Persona Spotlight series takes a deep dive into our persona research by interviewing real-life examples of each of our 10 audience personas. So far, we have interviewed John, the veteran, and Rosemary, the family glue. This month, we will examine Lindsey, the connected mom.

Persona Research: Lindsey, the Connected Mom
Based on our research, Lindsey is a 32- to 39-year-old female “mourner” (a mourner is someone who only checks the obituary section if he or she is seeking a particular obituary). Lindsey’s a young mom who balances caring for her growing family with working part-time, so her schedule can be unpredictable; this makes being able to connect on-the-fly via her smartphone important to her. She loves to be in the know, so she checks local and celebrity news frequently to get her fill of “people” stories – her favorite sites are Facebook, People, and TMZ. Her social life is primarily online now since her children were born, though she still gets in the occasional date night with her husband.

Lindsey Ethnographies Takeaways
We met with seven women who fit the profile of the persona of Lindsey, the connected mom. Here are some takeaways from the seven interviews:

lindsey-on-mobile-copyLindsey’s primary device is her iPhone. Lindsey’s iPad is often used for games by her children, so her iPhone is her go-to device to go online because it is the only device that is all hers. One woman we interviewed
said, “I use my phone all the time … because my kids are on my iPad.”

 Lindsey is an active Facebook user – and the social network is often how she learns about a death. While Lindsey devotes most of her free time to her family nowadays, she still keeps in touch with friends via Facebook. Facebook is also a common way for Lindsey to learn about a death. Lindsey discussed the usefulness of Facebook for learning about a death and helping to share the news with other people who would want to know. One Lindsey said, “I would probably use Facebook to get the word out (about a death) a little bit. … There are some random people that aren’t on Facebook, but for a majority of people, they’re on Facebook.”

Search is easy for Lindsey. Unlike Rosemary, Lindsey can easily search the internet for the information she seeks. When searching for an obituary, she would likely come through Google to find the obit more quickly. One Lindsey even said Google “is where you get any and all the answers from. There’s some all-knowing god out there that runs Google or something.”

Lindsey is proud of the family she has created. Lindsey is a young mom, and she is very proud of that role. It is an essential part of her identity. When asked what is going well in her life or what is important to her, her response is simple: her husband and children. Being a mother of young children can lead to a busy schedule, but it is also immensely rewarding for Lindsey.

Lindsey’s Similarities with Millennials
Although Lindsey is older than most millennials, she mirrors a lot of the characteristics and behaviors we know about millennials: She’s a mourner, her primary device is her smartphone, she loves Facebook, and she will likely find an obit by searching via Google. To read how we are updating our site to capture this type of user better, click here.


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