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How well do you know the Legacy.com support team?

If you’re one of our newspaper partners, you may have spoken to a support team member on the phone at some point; they answered 9,500 calls over the course of the last calendar year. Or you may have corresponded via email; they replied to 46,000 messages during the same period). If so, you likely remember being greeted with a warm manner and genuine desire to help.

However, it’s hard to understand how truly helpful and courteous these team members are unless you’ve seen how they interact with your newspaper’s obituary customers.

Because they’ve assisted so many users over the years, our specialists recognize that most people seeking help are going through the particularly difficult time that follows a loss. They listen carefully and provide the best service possible to help make these hard times a little easier. In the process, they often build deep connections with callers.

This is work that our customer support team does not take lightly. One team member says, “We’re always willing to look at the big picture and work with the family to figure out a way to meet their needs, always.” Watch the video to meet the team that supports your customers and see what they have to say about the meaningful work they do.