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We believe that the more we test, the better: A/B testing allows us to see exactly how a redesign or optimization improves page performance and then lets us quickly roll out changes so your site benefits. Our development team uses a variety of tools to test potential changes to your pages against our current design and determine which updates will produce positive results for your newspapers and users.

Here are a few tests that we’ve run recently:

Making It Easier to Send Flowers

We believe that everyone who wants to send a sympathy gift should be able to do so. But distance and time can complicate the purchase.

We wanted to explore if offering additional services or unique options would help increase sales.

Test 1

Problem: The services are over

Test 2

Problem: I Don’t Know Where or When to Send an Arrangement

Solution: Create a post-services sympathy shop that offers gifts grievers would welcome at home.

Why doesn’t Legacy look up the delivery time and address for your customers?

It’s the Small Things that Matter

Or rather, it’s the too small things that matter. To increase readability and user engagement, we’re rolling out a test version of the obituary that features larger fonts, bolder text, and standardized spacing.

Current Obituary Design

Test Version

What Happens Next?

We’re still evaluating these ideas, but we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at just a few of the optimizations we’re considering for your obituaries and the way we monetize them.

But rest assured: should any of these tests prove positive enough to be impactful, we’re able to quickly get them into production. We’re committed to your success, and we’d love to hear your ideas on these or any future tests you’d be interested to see. Send your thoughts to your account manager or marketing@Legacy.com.