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The death of a loved one, a terminal diagnosis: these can be the most difficult issues anyone will ever face. But your readers are not alone. Legacy offers advice from leading experts, helpful end-of-life information, and grief support groups to help our visitors cope with the death of someone important to them and prepare for the choices they face down the road. Leverage our expertise, and reinforce the value of the services you provide to the community, with these resources dedicated to supporting your readers through times of loss and beyond.

Grief Support Groups

The experience of loss can feel isolating to many, but we believe no one should have to grieve alone. Our private Facebook groups offer a safe space for your readers to share their bereavement and connect with others on the same journey. With a robust support network behind them, our users have told us these spaces are already making a strong impact on their lives:

You know, until I found this group, I did not think there was anyone going through what I’m going through. I thought I was the only one.” – Loss of a Spouse 3/7/18

“It’s ok if you want to post every day, we’ll always listen and understand. There will always be someone to talk to.” – Loss of a Child 11/19/17

“I have to say this group is a blessing. I can vent here things I just can’t, or won’t, say to my closest family and friends and receive nothing but love and support from everyone here. I can’t thank you enough.” – Loss of A Parent 12/15/17

To learn more about our grief support groups, click here.

Grief and End-of-Life Resources

Legacy.com has a full-time editorial team producing articles and guides to help our visitors navigate the grieving process. We produce content on a wide range of topics that you can leverage to assist your families, from practical tips on how to plan for a funeral to comprehensive guides for coping with the many different kinds of loss. We’re also building a library of pre-planning resources, such as this recent article on what to do when a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis, to help your readers face the end-of-life decisions with the reliable information they need.

 To view Legacy’s grief and pre-planning resources articles, click here.

Our Award-Winning Support Teams

The events after a loss can be stressful and hard to manage, and even the smallest issue can make a big difference. From Guest Book screening to award-winning customer service, we work around-the clock to keep our site a safe, supportive place for grieving guests. We know that each time we correct a mother’s Guest Book entry or assist a friend with their flower order, we’re helping you make the hard times around a death a little easier for your readers, with a level of service that makes a lasting impression:

“Just wanted to say thank you from myself and the entire family. You all have been so kind and helpful with all my emails and questions. You have made an extremely difficult time a little bit easier.” Diane, Seymour, Connecticut, 5/16/18 

“Thank you so much. Very impressed with your level of service…so key to family and friends during times like these.” Janet, Pinehurst, North Carolina, 2/02/18

Your readers can reach our team at info@legacy.com.