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We know obituaries are unique local content that receive a high level of interest from readers. There are many places your readers may look for that content on your site and search is one of the more popular places. Because Legacy powers your online obituary section, you have to integrate that high-value content into your site search and results.

Two Easy Solutions

Google Site Search

We’ve worked with other affiliates to integrate search results for obits by adding your Legacy.com co-branded URL (www.legacy.com/obituaries/sitename*) to your list of URL’s in your Google Search Engine’s Control Panel.

This will allow users to search for obituaries throughout your site. To read Google’s explanation, click here.

Legacy Integration Tools

If you power your own search on your site, we have built out a series of widgets and APIs to ensure that your users can better locate the obituaries they are seeking.

Visit our integration tools page for more information.