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In our continuing efforts to provide the most valuable and engaging experience for obituary visitors, we are excited to announce that we are beginning to test updates to the Funeral Home Directory. With more than 12 million pageviews every month, Legacy’s Funeral Home Directory is the most trafficked online directory for those seeking funeral information. The Funeral Home Directory began as a simple page that allowed visitors to find newspaper obituaries associated with a specific funeral home. Over the years, we’ve heard from consumers that they want more information on these pages—especially information about planning.
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The updated pages will feature more organized, fielded information about a home’s features in an easy-to-read format, clear contact information, and helpful links. We’re also testing a premium program, called the Legacy Advisor Network. This program helps proactively connect consumers to funeral homes in the context of planning a funeral. Similar to our flowers program, your newspaper will receive revenue share from any leads generated from your co-branded pages. Over the next month, we will begin testing the updated directory pages and the Legacy Advisor Network on 200 funeral home profile pages. We will monitor success of the new design and work on an ongoing basis to ensure the lead generation program is best serving all of our partners. If you have questions or want to learn more, please contact us at marketing@legacy.com.