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On January 15, 2019, we will begin to transition all sites to secure protocol. To be considered fully secure, all elements on Legacy.com must be HTTPS/SSL compliant, including header calls, footer callers, advertising calls, and tracking scripts.
Why are we transitioning to secure?
  1. Google is flagging sites that are not secure and alerting users with a warning message. This creates a poor user experience, one that can decrease traffic to your site and impact revenue.
  2. Having non-secure pages impacts our ability to track key metrics and report site performance back to you.
What Happens If I Don’t Provide Secure Assets? If you are unable to send us secure assets, we have created a solution for you:
  • Legacy.com will apply a default header to your obituary site that incorporates your newspaper’s logo and branding.
  • Your newspaper’s footer will not be displayed on your site.
  • Ads that are not secure will not be displayed. Legacy will run ads in its place and share back your contractual revenue share amount.
  • If tracking is not secure, it will not be present on the site.
If you need help determining whether your site’s assets are secure or are ready to provide secure assets, please contact newspapersupport@legacy.com.