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Even if you’re close with a person, knowing the right thing to say when they’re grieving isn’t easy. And when you’ve never met them face-to-face—when your first contact occurs the moment they phone your office seeking help with a loved one’s obituary—the situation gets even more delicate. The team at Legacy.com navigates these delicate situations every day, fielding questions and assisting callers with any issue they’re having. It takes a special person to know how to support these callers with compassion and kindness—it takes someone who rises above and beyond the duties we typically associate with customer service.

Legacy’s customer service team is filled with people who have these qualities.

We understand that the majority of people who contact our customer service department are grieving. They are going through a difficult time. So we listen to what they need and provide the best service possible, seven days a week. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, because we know that we’re not only representing Legacy; we are also representing your newspaper.

In 2014, we responded to 46,700 emails and 9,500 phone calls on behalf of newspapers. For you, our work means that your staff can focus on other priorities, secure in the knowledge that we’re taking care of your obituary customers. To those contacting us, however, it means so much more. Through service, compassion and respect, the customer service team often makes deep connections with the people who call in for assistance. Below, we’ve listed a few examples of times when our customer service team went above and beyond to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one:

Last month, our customer service team was contacted by someone who had submitted 45 photos to a Guest Book’s photo gallery. The gallery is designed to show the newest uploads first so that friends and family members don’t have to click through to the end to see new images. This customer was not aware of the display order and was quite upset that his photos did not appear in the preferred chronological order. We offered to delete the images so he could re-submit the photos in his preferred order, but he would not re-do the photos.

Our team chose to copy all the photos before removing them from the photo gallery. Next, we went ahead and resubmitted the photos with their captions into the gallery. We turned his frustration into appreciation and he responded with “Thank you!!!! God bless!!!!”


A customer whom had just lost her mother was preparing to print a Commemorative Guest Book. It was important to her to have the book be exactly as she wanted it. She said that the end result would ultimately bring her closure. The customer service team assisted her for the following 10 days by making corrections to entries and even re-writing some of them to her specifications. They also submitted a poem on her behalf and worked a little “magic” so it would display in an order that was important to her. A few days later, she sent this email:

“Thank you for your wonderful assistance in putting mom’s memory book into its final form all week.  Putting her poem at the end of the book is a sweet way of letting her speak…I must thank each of you for being so kind, supportive and understanding throughout this process.  You are all so very human and so very present.”

Legacy stands for service, compassion, and respect. There’s no better representation of this motto than our customer service team. We’re proud to serve you, our newspaper partners, by serving customers in ways that go above and beyond.