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Advertising Revenue Opportunities

As a partner of Legacy, every newspaper receives revenue share on all of the advertising and commerce that resides on their co-branded pages. But there are some additional ways to generate advertising revenue on your Legacy.com-managed pages.  The following opportunities are components of our Open Ad Model concept, available to all partners working with Legacy.

Display Advertising

The Open Ad Model allows Legacy.com newspaper partners to resell advertising products on their cobranded site(s) that is currently being managed by Legacy.com.

Newspaper partners can use the space to run local ad campaigns in these placements. Below are some of the available targeting options for this valuable category.

Audience Segments: Target Browsers

  • Use Case: Local retirement community wants to reach local seniors
  • Solution: Native placements targeting Browsers, 60+

Address Targeting: Zip code of service

  • Use Case: Local catering company wants to market based on service area
  • Solution: Platform offers service location targeting to reach specific zip codes

Keyword Targeting: Military Veterans

  • Use Case: Financial services co. wants to reach local veterans and their families
  • Solution: Platform offers keyword targeting based on obit text

Page Exclusions

  • Use Case: Local advertisers wants to reach obituary audience, but is sensitive to channel
  • Solution: Platform allows exclusion of sensitive pages, such as Obit page and Guest Book

Video Ads

Growing our video presence is a core focus this year with video production available for local sale of both custom content as well as pre-roll formats.

Three ways to benefit:

  • Sell 15 second sponsorship features for your local businesses. These ads are placed in valuable pre-roll rotations to drive awareness of local advertisers.
  • Create longer form 60 second plus native content videos where local businesses can engage and connect with viewers in a high impact video format.
  • Enhance existing feature programs like Funeral Home Local Spotlight to bring the value of video to funeral homes partners.