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Ads to Promote Your Obituaries

Obituary and Memoriam Placement Ads

We’ve created a suite of unique ads to encourage your readers to place newspaper obituaries and memoriams. The ads, created to look like actual obituaries, can be placed in-line with real obituaries to promote obit placement. Let us know if you are interested, and we can customize with your logo, and even make the obit text localized.

Digital Ads

Use our digital ads to drive traffic to your obituary site. Choose from any of these ads to help fill space and promote your online obituary site at the same time.

Print Ads

Promoting your online obituaries in print will drive traffic to your site. Our collection of print ads feature the online obituary, Guest Book and sympathy flowers and come in three sizes.

Email Subscription Program Ads

Legacy’s new email subscription program allows your readers to get the day’s most recent obituaries straight to their email inbox. If your newspaper is already enrolled in the program, we encourage you to use our new ads to promote it to your readers! We’ve put together a suite of ads in common digital sizes for your use.