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Top 10 Stories of 2018

Our award-winning content engages your readers. Read some of our most popular stories from the past year below.

2018 Celebrity Deaths

(Photo by Cynthia Johnson/Liaison)

Though these famous figures have died, their legacies live on and continue to inspire and delight us. Join us as we remember celebrities who died in 2018. View gallery

30 Actors Who Died Before Their Last Movie Was Released

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When Carrie Fisher died in December 2016, her career wasn’t done yet. Fisher is in good company with some of the greatest gone-too-soon stars in Hollywood history. Join us to take a look at some of the most notable actors who had films released posthumously. View Slideshow

What Obituaries Are Trying to Tell Us About Veterans and PTSD

 (Carlos Lopez Jr., Photo Courtesy the Lopez Family)

What does it mean to die from PTSD? These veterans’ families want us to know. Read more

Making Amends: Last Chance for Mom’s Love


Not everyone has an easy relationship with their mother. But when it was time to say goodbye, Jennifer found that old conflicts didn’t matter anymore. Read more

The Long, Loud History of Sports and Politics (in 66 Pictures)

 (Photos: Getty Images)

Sports and politics getting mixed up together: It’s been all over the news this year, and yet it’s been going on forever. In this gallery, we take a look back at the messy history of sports and politics, as seen in 66 pictures. View gallery

Why Is the Flag at Half Staff Today?

(Getty Images)

A flag flying at half-staff means our town, our state, or our nation is sharing a moment of grief. Learn more about what it means, who’s being honored, and how to pay tribute. Read more

Legend Is Too Small a Word for Aretha Franklin

(AP Photo / Invision / Owen Sweeney)

“Legend” becomes a small word when applied to someone like Aretha Franklin, because all stories of her greatness are true. Learn more

A Tribute to the NFL Players Who Suffered CTE Brain Injury

(Getty Images / Photo by Owen C. Shaw)

The list of former NFL players with CTE is long. Our retrospective explores the stories and obituaries of 19 former pro football players, including Hall of Fame members Junior Seau, Ollie Matson, Frank Gifford, and Ken Stabler, who were found after their deaths to have been suffering from CTE. Read more

Was 1968 the Greatest Rock Music Year Ever?

(Getty Images / Redferns / Gijsbert Hanekroot)

The good vibrations of 1967 and the Summer of Love came to a crashing halt in turbulent 1968. But out of this chaos came some of the most iconic music in rock ‘n’ roll history. We are remembering some of rock’s greatest by flashing back to the amazing artists and music that rocked the airwaves 50 years ago. Read more

Burt Reynolds (1936 – 2018), Hollywood Superstar

(Getty/Art Zelin)

The magnetic actor was known for his roles in “The Longest Yard,” “Deliverance,” and the “Smokey and the Bandit” movies. He was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in “Boogie Nights.” On television, he starred on the CBS sitcom “Evening Shade” in the 1990s. Learn more