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Spotlight Program for Funeral Homes 
Connecting Newspapers, Funeral Homes and Families 


Introducing a new product that delivers significant value for funeral homes and $100,000+ incremental revenue for the newspaper - in addition to giving families a special way to remember a loved one. The Local Spotlight for Funeral Homes program offers funeral homes a unique opportunity to feature their newspaper obituaries prominently in the Local Spotlight on the obituary home page.  


Local Spotlight  


Through the Local Spotlight for Funeral Homes, funeral homes receive several benefits they've asked for over the years: no display ads on the obit, significant funeral home branding, revenue from flower sales, and traffic to the funeral home website.  Families receive an obituary with editorial-style features including prominent display on the home page of the newspaper's online obituary section.  And our newspaper partners receive a significant new revenue stream.


This product offers a great opportunity to add revenue in Q4.  For more information including pricing and a demonstration, please contact us.

No Rate Increase for 2013
Keeping Rates Low While Delivering Increased Revenue Share and Product Innovation
Legacy.com is happy to announce that once again, there will be NO rate increase for the upcoming year, 2013. For five years in a row, we have been able to hold our rates constant. At the same time, our online product sales and advertising programs continue to generate increasing revenue share. The revenue share dispersed to Legacy.com newspaper affiliates in 2012 YTD is up 35%, and it's nearly double that of 2 years ago. Perhaps more importantly, we can predict yet another record in 2013.

And we're staying strong by continually bringing new ideas to the table. Starting early in 2013 and throughout the year, you will see upgrades to our existing products and the addition of completely new obituary product offerings for you to choose from - with continued emphasis on desktop, tablet and mobile solutions, all highly integrated with social media.

We appreciate your business and look forward to another successful year! 
Are You Smarter than a Content Screener? 

Take Our Quiz to See How You Size Up 



As you read this, our team of content screeners is hard at work keeping your Guest Books a comforting place to remember loved ones. It's a job that isn't as easy as it might sound. Screeners have to put their detective hats on to sift through thousands of entries looking for clues, relying on information from the obituary, knowledge of culture, current events and more.


It's a job that takes an alert and focused reader, one who reads for full comprehension and notices small details. We receive more than one million entries each month, so content screeners have to work both quickly and accurately... and they do, with an average turnaround time of two hours and an error rate of just 0.00005%.  Our content screeners aren't superhuman, but they are definitely super at what they do.


Want to see if you have what it takes to be a content screener? Take the screener test - below are three real-life entries we've received. Which ones would you approve?


1. Dear Sheila, I'll never forget your moments together. Though your time was limited, your love for Harry was so special. Never forget it and you'll be together in eternity someday. Love, Carolyn.


2. Welcome to the family! - Lou Cifer, Hades, OH


3. I miss and love you very much. Ive always loved you. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I will always love you my sweet kyle. Now you are with your only child isabella marie scaia.



1. Delete. We are suspicious of any entry in which someone talks about the strong relationship between two people. The reason: in more cases than you'd believe, such proclamations are an attempt to validate a relationship that has not been recognized in the obituary, such as a relationship between a man and his mistress. In this case, we checked the obituary and discovered the deceased was survived by a wife named Mary, not Sheila.


2. Delete. The name of the town, coupled with the Guest Book signer's name, were enough to give our screeners pause. Further research confirmed this was inappropriate. Why? This was a Guest Book attached to an obituary for an executed serial killer. Placed by his family in an affiliate newspaper, the obituary made no mention of the killer's criminal past. After quickly figuring out the situation, we set up a special screening queue for this Guest Book to prevent inappropriate entries from making it online.


3. Delete. When we took a look at the obituary, we found that the deceased had several children, and Isabella wasn't listed among them. The entry is likely to be upsetting to the surviving children, so we won't post it.


If you got any of the answers wrong, don't beat yourself up - we benefit from years of experience that have taught us all sorts of things when it comes to Guest Book entries. And our screeners go through 30 hours of intensive training before screening live entries. When they're not sure about an entry, they've got supervisors and advanced screeners as backup. It's a winning process that lets our newspaper affiliates breathe easy when it comes to Guest Books.

True Confessions 
Obituary Confession Makes National Headlines  
Public confession is all the rage. We send our private thoughts in to PostSecret.com to be posted online for all to see. We tell our Facebook friends about every calorie we ate and every mile we ran or didn't run. Some of us even reveal our inner struggles or shameful habits to a nation of TV viewers on reality shows like Hoarders. 


Has Val Patterson started a trendy new way to share one's secrets? Perhaps. Patterson's self-written obituary, published after his death  includes a paragraph of shocking (and, in some cases, shockingly funny) confessions.

"As it turns out, I AM the guy who stole the safe from the Motor View Drive Inn back in June, 1971. I could have left that unsaid, but I wanted to get it off my chest."

"Also, I really am NOT a PhD..."


CLICK HERE  to read the rest of his obituary - it's unlikely, hilarious and, according to Patterson's widow, completely true.


But there's more to Patterson's obituary than true confessions - from start to finish, it's an engaging glimpse into the life of a man we wish we could have known, full of memories of a good life. Through his cleverly written obituary, he captured the hearts and laughter of an entire nation. 

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Spotlight Program
No Price Increase
Are You Smarter...?
True Confessions
New Memorial Site
Increase Revenue
Veterans Day


Breast Cancer  

Memorial Site

  Breast Cancer Awareness Month   


For Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, we've launched a Memorial Site for all whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Tens of thousands of users have already visited the brand new memorial site to honor and remember loved ones - in some cases, by lighting the pink candle we're offering in all Guest Books through the month of October.

We hope you'll visit the new Breast Cancer Memorial Site too.






Bundled One-Year

  Guest Book   


Build engagement, enhance online presence and start generating incremental revenue with the One-Year Guest Book Program. The bundled program extends the standard 30-day Guest Book to one year. By bundling the One-Year Guest Book with the standard notice, newspapers can successfully charge an additional $10-15 dollars, increasing incremental revenue. Newspapers already using this program have seen consistently higher Guest Book engagement. The program is also very easy to implement and requires no tech resources.


For more information CLICK HERE


 To get started, contact your Affiliate Manager or [email protected].

Send us your 
In Memoriams

Did you know that Legacy.com can host your In Memoriams online as well as your obituaries? We can publish ads in most formats - even display-ad style In Memoriam notices - adding the same online features as paid obituaries, such as Guest Books, links to charities, and more.

to learn more about publishing your In Memoriam notices online.


Plan Ahead for Veterans Day


In honor of Veterans Day, Legacy.com has created special online ads for your use pointing readers to the Veterans Memorial Site, cobranded with your newspaper. We will also feature the memorial site on affiliate sites in early November. 


CLICK HERE to download the Veterans Day ads.  



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