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Site Update: Converting to Secure Pages


On June 15, 2018, Legacy.com will transition sites from http to https. To ensure that revenue and traffic are not impacted, we will need your assistance during this transition.

Why is Legacy going secure?

Being compliant with Google Chrome’s secure initiatives helps mitigate potential negative user experience, enable better tracking, and allow us to take advantage of increased Google ranking boost. This is also in response to Google Chrome flagging and alerting users of non-secure pages beginning July 2018 (see below image).

What do I have to do?

  • Change all links on your website so that they are referencing the secure version of the url.
  • Update your Robots.txt to reference any updated urls (as needed).
  • If you have any sitemaps that reference Legacy.com urls, please make sure to update urls from http to https at the time of launch.
  • If you work with any partners which reference Legacy.com obituaries, please contact them to change the urls from http to https.
  • All elements on your newspaper’s obituary page must be HTTPS/SSL compliant, including:
    • Header / All Header Calls
    • Footer / All Footer Calls
    • All Advertising Calls
    • All Tracking Scripts


We will be reaching out to your newspaper with more details this week. If you have any question, please contact newspapersupport@legacy.com.