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For almost 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to growing audience and revenue in the obituary category.

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Honoring a memory through the obituary and Guest Book.

Tailored to today’s users, Next Generation Obituary was created to make your obituary category succeed, including valuable features for your funeral home partners and our moderated Guest Book that allows people to share memories, photos, and videos of their loved ones.

Leader in Memorial Monetization

Providing memorialization products that engage and convert.

We understand who visits online obituaries and why. By knowing our audience and their interests, we can bring integrated e-commerce offerings that feel like a helpful service or way to honor a memory.


Understanding trends to move the category forward.

We’re always testing to create the best experience for our full range of visitors while pushing the category forward. Take a look at some of our most recent innovations:

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How Legacy Supports Your Readers

How Legacy Supports Your Readers

The death of a loved one, a terminal diagnosis: these can be the most difficult issues anyone will ever face. But your readers are not alone. Legacy offers advice from leading experts, helpful end-of-life information, and grief support groups to help our visitors cope...

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Send Your Readers Emails That Matter

Send Your Readers Emails That Matter

At Legacy, we spend a lot of time getting to know who is visiting our site and how we can best serve them. Our research shows us that we have two core audience types on our site: “browsers” and “mourners.” Browsers are users who check recent obituaries on a regular...

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