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Converting clicks into sales revenue is a kind of magic, like turning lead into gold. We’ve found a way to make that magic happen on a regular basis, leading to healthy growth in sales and affiliate revenue share. The key to our most recent success is the way we’re using native advertising to drive flower sales across our site.

Last April, Legacy.com launched a new ecommerce portal dedicated to flower sales. Less than a year later, flowers have become big business for us and your paper.

By the Facts


  • Flower sales are the second largest source of affiliate revenue share
  • January 2015 set a new sales record with 30% more orders than December
  • January orders were up 60% from the same month in 2014, and 85% from 2013

Building Customer Confidence By Design

Establishing customer confidence is key to creating sales. We worked to build that trust among readers with native ads integrated into the design of our obituary and Guest Book pages. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for visitors making flower purchases. Native ads remove noise and distraction from the equation, presenting users with a simple call to action: Send Flowers.

Send Flowers

The seamless integration of native ads into the design creates confidence in users, reassuring them that they are still on your obituary page, a trusted and familiar resource. Coupled with our ecommerce platform (keeping users on the Legacy.com domain), this creates a consistent user experience, reducing friction in the “conversion tunnel” and helping turn visitors into satisfied customers.

By December 2014, conversion rates for flower sales on Next Generation Obituaries rose to 12%,and to 10% for standard obituaries: two to three times the industry average for sales through organic traffic. We also saw the conversion rate for mobile devices climb 65% from 2014, making up 25% of total orders and revenue.


The Impact of Flower Sales on Revenue

It didn’t take long to see the results of those conversions on revenue. From Q4 2013 to Q4 2014, affiliates watched their revenue share from flower sales jump by an average of 45.7%. Flower sales now account for nearly a quarter of the entire revenue share that we send back to your newspaper.

Given the record-breaking sales figures from January, flowers are poised to become an even larger part of affiliate revenue share in 2015.

Perennial Growth

Through innovation in ecommerce and the power of native advertising to connect with readers, we are working to make flowers a source of growth and profit for all our partners, year after year. Flowers remain an important part of funerals and a natural fit for Legacy.com’s role as the industry leader in online obituaries. With our new flowers ecommerce portal we’re uniquely positioned to handle flower purchases for millions of obituary readers each month, providing a steady revenue stream to you.