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Newspapers Are Ignoring a Key Constituency

While I was growing up in the Greater Washington, D.C., area, KidsPost used to accompany The Washington Post on Sunday – the day my dad always got the paper. I liked turning the pages, reading essays, poems and pondering sudoku or crossword puzzles, among others.

The WSJ is exploring an ad-free digital offering – Digiday

The WSJ is exploring an ad-free digital offering The Wall Street Journal is exploring new ways to drum up revenue from readers, including an ad-free version of its digital platforms, the possibility of charging on a per-article basis and even charging extra for home delivery, according to an online survey it is sending out to readers.

Are Newspaper Publishers Ready for Digital-Only? Not Quite. – MediaShift

The contemporary Western news organizations have implemented ‘digital-first’ strategies, and many of large news publishers regard themselves now as ‘digital-first’ news organizations. However, only a few news publishers are digital in terms of their revenue. These include the German Axel Springer and the Norwegian Schibsted make approximately 62 percent of their revenue from the digital …

Publishers confront email newsletter design challenges – Digiday

Publishers are bigger on email newsletters than ever, as evidenced by the plethora of launches, dedicated staff and design attention once reserved for new website launches. “A lot of media companies are looking at email newsletters in a way they haven’t in 10 years,” said Dan Maccarone, CEO and co-founder of design firm Charming Robot.

Pioneer News Group Launches Tablet and App Initiative

Pioneer News Group has teamed up with Microsoft and Posh Technologies to streamline the delivery of news and provide its readers with the power to publish stories. The Seattle-based company’s latest initiative features two components: the distribution of Microsoft digital tablets to its subscribers, and the launch of a digital app through the ‘uReporter’ platform developed by Posh Technologies at several of its newspapers.

How celebrity death hoaxes power fake news – Digiday

Web traffic-goosing tricks come and go. But if there’s one that has enduring appeal, it’s the celebrity death hoax. In the past few weeks alone, internet pranksters have “killed off” Queen Elizabeth, Tony Hawk, Miley Cyrus and Hugh Hefner, to name a handful that have been debunked by the website Gossip Cop.

Iterate, iterate, iterate: How The Wall Street Journal made its push notifications more attention-worthy

Last August, The Wall Street Journal set a push alert about a story about how alcohol companies are responding to new research that shows consumption of adult beverages might increase the risk of cancer. The notification could’ve been a fairly staid report on industry trends, but the Journal decided to try and make the story more relatable.