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Why the Sunday Print Edition Still Reigns Supreme For Publishers

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m getting ready to read the news, but I’m not picking up my cell phone or booting up my laptop. I’m picking up my hefty 100-plus page Sunday edition of my local newspaper. As someone you would consider a millennial, you might find it hard to believe that’s how I choose to spend my Sunday mornings.

Business of News: With Newspapers Back in the Game, How Can Publishers Hold On to New Readers?

How can newspapers lose when they have John Oliver, Meryl Streep and Ali Robyn Petersen on their side? The erudite TV host and the talented actress buoyed our spirits by defending the importance of journalists. And Ali, a sublime office manager and treatment coordinator at an oral surgery and dental implant center, subscribed to the New York Times.

Announcing the 2017 mediaXchange Speaker Line-Up

The News Media Alliance today announced the full speaker line-up at mediaXchange 2017, which will take place April 30 – May 3, 2017 in New Orleans. LA. The event draws hundreds of news media professionals each year to hear from top thought leaders from inside and outside the industry; to exchange ideas and hear insights on revenue and audience growth strategies; and to connect with advertisers and other partners. Speakers will offer their insights and experience, as well as trends and actionable solutions on the most important issues facing the news media today, including digitization, new content distribution platforms, audience engagement and more.

Journalists should use email more – and Google and Facebook less – to reach readers

Jason Calacanis, the founder of Mahalo and Weblogs Inc., has a new idea for saving journalism, but it’s actually an old idea: Email.

Over the past four years, Calacanis’s latest company Inside has built out a roster of email newsletters, and they’re doing well enough that the company plans to launch one a week this year, for a total of between 60 and 70 newsletters by the end of 2017.