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* Since this case study was published, The Tampa Tribune was acquired by Tampa Bay Times*


Across all sites during the first quarter, we saw a 19% decline in referral traffic compared to the previous year (referral traffic occurs when a user on your newspaper site clicks to your obituary site). To ensure that your newspaper is the place where users come to find information about the news of a death, Legacy created four widgets to showcase your obituary content on other pages of your site.


Since Legacy introduced the recent obituary widget in June 2015, newspapers have seen:

The Tampa Tribune Results

The Tampa Tribune implemented the Recent Obituaries and Search Results widgets and immediately saw higher traffic and more engaged users.

Obituaries are incredibly important content and are consistently in the top 10 viewed sections of our site.  Because of this, it was important to us to make them easy to find for our visitors. Adding the widgets and search functionality has not only increased our page views to obituaries but has also helped our visitors easily find obituaries on our website. Rachel Riley

General Manager, TBO.com

The Recent Obituaries widget was placed on The Tampa Tribune’s home page and helped drive additional sessions in July, accounting for 19% of the total referral traffic. Compared to Legacy.com’s average, the Search Results widget led to an 83% increase in pages per session with an incredibly low bounce rate of 2.5%.


Search Results Widget: Pages per Session

Legacy Average


Organic Search


Search Results Widget


About the Widgets

Integrating the widgets is easy. They were built to adopt your website’s style, so they integrate to create a seamless experience for your users. And because the widgets are responsive, they can accommodate users on all devices. Given today’s shift towards mobile devices, that’s an important feature for your audience.

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