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Your obituary pages are special. They hold the faces and life stories of your readers’ friends and family. Obituary pages have the power to attract readers’ attention, stir their emotions and to become part of their daily routine. When presented correctly, they can help you build deeper relationships.

But are you presenting your pages in the best possible way? Legacy.com released Next Generation Obituary (NGO), a reinvention of obituaries built on clean, intuitive design, helpful features, and a clear focus on honoring life stories. Today, NGO continues to gain in popularity with newspapers, thanks largely to an overwhelmingly positive response from readers.

Real Results

NGO is also popular with newspapers.

In May 2013, a top-tier paper in a major American city adopted NGO. After one year, it reported gains in all key obituary metrics.

  • 17% increase in revenue share
  • 31% increae in sessions
  • 55% increase in session length.

Another major paper launched NGO in February 2015. After one month, they saw huge advances in engagement and traffic.

  • Pages per session increased by nearly 300%
  • The obit was shared 30% more, driving a 135% increase in social referrals
  • Mobile sessions went up by 110%

These results are by no means an outlier.  We tracked 37 other newspapers that made the move to NGO and found similar results across the board:

  • Rev share went up 14%
  • Page views increased 20%
  • Bounce rate is down 34%

User Testing

We polled over 1,200 users to find out exactly what they thought about NGO. Not only did 77% associate NGO with a higher-quality newspaper, here’s what else users thought:

NGO stats crop

Setting Yourself Up for Success

The success of NGO with newspapers and readers is no fluke. NGO is simply a superior product, and users have responded accordingly. In order to thrive, newspaper websites have made many changes in recent years to keep up with the demands of visitors that are increasingly Internet-savvy and harder to impress. NGO delivers a rich, valuable experience while also generating additional incremental revenue for the paper.


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