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Put Your Notices Where Your Readers Are

Increasingly, people are turning to social media when looking for information that matters to them. According to a recent Pew Research report, most often, they’re doing this on Facebook: 68% of US adults report using Facebook, most of them daily.

To harness this powerful social-media tool, we’ve created an API that will automatically post your obituaries each day to a custom Facebook page. This puts your notices and your branding directly in front of your audience, exactly where they’re looking.

And the best part: It’s FREE.

Free and Easy

The program is turn-key and no cost. After a few initial steps, Legacy’s team handles the set-up logistics, monitors your page for technical performance, and provides expert advice in handling any issues that arise.

Measurable Success

Embedded tracking allows us to monitor click-throughs and traffic volume for each obituary, with monthly reporting available upon request. Individual engagement metrics are accessible via Facebook’s integrated reporting for site admins.


“Our readers love having easy access to our obituaries in their favorite social media destination,” says Diane Hansen, classified advertising manager with the Southern California News Group, “and we love the free traffic increase to our website.” The traffic boost is substantial: Affiliates on the program enjoy an average 10-15% increase in incremental traffic sessions, with some reporting a 26% bump.

Want to Get Started?

Ready to sit back and watch your traffic grow for FREE? Fill out the form here and our SEO specialist will contact you asap. Your account manager can also answer any questions, or you can email marketing@legacy.com.

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Tracie Martin

Tracie is a member of the marketing team at Legacy.com, with experience in marketing and content strategy, sales, account management, and consumer services.